Sanitation Division

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TrashTruckThe City of Muskogee uses a Poly Cart system for residential garbage collection. Residence will be furnished a ninety gallon plastic cart at no additional cost. The cart is mounted on wheels, balanced so that it is easily moved when full and is not easily blown over during high wind.

We appreciate residence cooperation with our Poly Cart system. We believe that by following this system it will be more convenient for both the customer and the refuse crew, resulting in savings of tax dollars and reducing the amount of scattered trash in neighborhoods.

The Sanitation Department will dump the Poly cart and up to five extra bags (under 35 lbs.) on residence’s regular pick up day. Cart should not be overloaded. If a cart is over the weight of maximum 200 lbs. it will be the responsibility of the customer to reduce the weight of the cart. Do not set out any additional containers they will not be emptied or disposed of.

We ask that residence roll the cart as close (within 3 ft.) to the curb or near traveled portion of the road (by 7:00 a.m.) on residences pick up morning, or the evening before, which ever is most convenient. Carts not placed on the curb will not be emptied.

We suggest returning the cart to residence house as soon as possible after it has been emptied. In the interest of a cleaner neighborhood, the city requests all refuse containers at the curb to be removed within 12 hours after being emptied. If it is left at the curb for an extended period of time, there is a possibility of the cart being stolen or damaged beyond repair. If this occurs, residence will be responsible to pay for a replacement cart (actual cost plus 10%). Ordinary repairs will be done at no cost to the customer.

The Sanitation Department is happy to facilitate those in the moving process. Exceptions are made on solid waste collection limits for new residents. Please notify the Sanitation Department if you are a new resident.

Additionally, special service is provided for handicapped individuals who live alone.

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Upcoming Holiday Sanitation Trash Pickup Schedule

1-16-17 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Residential and Commercial Routes will run on schedule, Monday thru Friday
There will be Yard Waste pickup for this week 
 2-20-17 - Presidents’ Day
Residential and Commercial Routes will run on schedule, Monday thru Friday 
There will be Yard Waste pickup for this week